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Welcome to Fitnostics!

Fitnostics is  Stonington’s premier fitness studio, offering personal training in  team and small group settings. Each 45 minute class is led by a Certified Personal Trainer and is tailored for optimum results. Our clients possess a wide range of physical capabilities, with personal physical goals just as vast. Some goals are standing up from sitting easier; running half marathons with crazy obstacles thrown in; increasing mobility; walking a mile without being winded; losing weight; fit in their clothes; and just feel better about themselves.  The Fitnostics Team works together to reach each and every one of these goals through support and encouragement.

Our coaches work hard to make sure each session is FUN, SAFE, and gets you RESULTS! We dare you to show up at your worst, and leave at your best.  Having a bad day?  Come and sweat it out with no drama.  Our clients really appreciate this guideline.  It makes it comfortable to work out when you know we have such high standards, and everyone is held accountable to them.

Our Team meets to sweat, laugh, and make a difference.  While our clients are made up of all ages, and fitness levels, they share one important thing in common: a desire to be a healthier version of themselves.  We challenge you in ways that will improve you physically, mentally, and emotionally!

  • Summer is finally here!

    Students and teachers are taking that long awaited summer break! Are you one of those teachers or students? Are you looking for a place to work out for the next few months? Fitnostics is the place for you! Take advantage of our Summer specials to get you in the best shape ever ~ contact us today!

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